Testimonials from Clients


From Steve Richmond

I have had the pleasure of being a student of the martial arts under Colin’s teaching and guidance for several years now. There is no question that he is one of the best “one to one” coaches out there.
Whether you wish to study in the martial arts, Yoga, general fitness or hypnotherapy, Colin takes the time to tailor each session to meet the individual needs of his students ensuring that you get the most from your training program.
Combined with a patient approach, he has a fantastic ability to motivate and develop confidence, turning a training session into something that you will feel fulfilled and passionate about. 
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner in your chosen discipline, Colin will provide the optimum level of training, support and guidance for you as an individual.
I cannot recommend him highly enough. 
There is a Buddhist proverb that says “When the student is ready the teacher will appear” I can only suggest that you need look no further than Colin Hardman.

From Arthur Hannon 

Hi all if your thinking of trying yoga I would recommend you try one of Colins group classes or private one to one tuition with Colin as he is a true professional. I've been a martial arts student of colins for almost four years. I also practiced a one hour yoga class with colin for two of them yoga really helped me improve my martial arts with things like flexibility, balance, innercore strength plus relaxation. Colin is a genuine bloke with outstanding teaching skills throughout if you book 60 or 90 mins with Colin you get them. Colin has great characteristics of always keeping to arranged times.

from Stewy Mckee

If there is anyone looking for one2one in martial arts or fitness in general then I would recommend Colin Hardman he is a great instructor with unique training methods and programmes for what ever it is ya would like to do or achieve. I have been training with Colin for nearly 4 years now and will continue to do so. Stewy McKee

From Dave Lennon 

I'd like to add, the session with Col really helped me with public speaking - a fear I've had for most of my adult life. The very next day after the session, I was able to speak publicly and I'm now more confident with the idea of talking in groups. Can't thank you enough.

From Dave Lennon 

Hi, I would like to speak of my experience with Colin Hardman.

I have been attending one to one classes in kempo karate, kickboxing and tai chi with Colin for almost four years. 

With Colin's help, I have managed to achieve the grade of 
brown belt in kempo and green belt in kickboxing.

His knowledge, teaching style and patience have been beneficial in many ways. 

I feel my confidence has increased as I have gained knowledge and skills.

The tai chi and relaxation techniques help me to cope with life's stresses.

Colin tailors the lesson to the student's ability and fitness with an individual class plan. This means that I never feel out of my depth or too unfit.

Colin's lessons are so reasonably priced that I can continue to attend one to one lessons even though I am on a budget.

Finally Colin's help and advice and his non judgemental attitude mean that I count him as my friend as well as my instructor.

I look forward to many more years of studying with Colin.

From Anton Bibby- Bibby Accounts, Liverpool

I attended and received both Relaxation therapy and Hypnotherapy from Colin many times, I would recommend colin to anyone, Even though the session was only 30 minutes long, I haven’t been so relaxed in all of my life, I felt great afterwards, and been back many times since. Even after one of Colin 15 minutes sessions I felt great, and so relaxed.

From Dyllan O'Connor.

I have been training with Colin Hardman for just on 3 years. I have found Colin's teaching technics to be outstanding from a beginner to the level I am at now. Colin has a fantastic ability to explain the most complicated systems and translate into layman's terms. Weather it is fitness or martial arts you are looking for. Colin is a genuine person and a professional. Dyllan O'Connor.

From Jenny Hislop

I received this from- Jenny Hislop who attends classes with me. After class I love the relaxation part, I went for hypnotherapy once in rodney street and I felt more relaxed after a 3minute session with Colin than a 60minute session. Colin you may use this on your facebook.

From Carol Taylor- Dingle

I stopped eating all types of chocolate and crisp and sweet foods in one session from Colin 1 month ago and not eaten any since. I have lost 1 stone already, and feel great about myself, thanks Colin, feel free to share this with others.

From Jay Peters - Toxteth 

The Class not only gave me relaxation, but also confidence and self belief that I can achieve anything that I want to achieve. Thanks Col

From Steve Williams - Liverpool 1
It even improved my football ability believe it or not