Liverpool Hypnotherapy Gastric band weight loss

Hypnosis Gastric Band Weight Loss 

Please note we don’t use printed version scripted forms that many hypnotherapist are using. We treat each individual case different. We have our own unique way of working with Gastric band Hypnosis.

It is really important that the Gastric Band Hypnosis techniques are combined with other weight loss Hypnotherapy techniques so that the whole of the problem is addressed. 

These techniques cover areas such as deciding on healthy eating options. Not eating for the wrong reasons such as comfort eating, boredom, and stress related situations etc. In a lot of cases it is necessary for the hypnotherapist to address things the client was told about food and eating when they were children.

When hypnosis is carried out in the correct way, the results are often amazing. Imagine how easy it would be to lose weight if you no longer over ate junk food, fatty foods and also if you didn’t miss them. Imagine how it would feel if you had a smaller appetite and no longer felt a need or desire to eat large portions, or clear your plate every time when you had a meal. You would know you are on your way to losing weight. With our unique added motivational techniques we will teach you that weight should not only be lost fairly easily and quickly but the body will be healthier and more toned.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in any form is a long-term solution. For some people, the weight really does just drop off. For others, the weight loss is more gradual but the important thing is that it is also permanent. By changing your perception and attitudes towards food, the cycle of punishment and reward that is often associated with weight loss diets shouldn’t happen with our hypnotherapy weight loss program because you will be changing the way you think about food and the weight shouldn’t come back either.

Gastric band hypnotherapy allows the client to retain a subconscious belief that a real band has been fitted, leaving the stomach unable to cope with large meals.

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