Liverpool Massage- Holistic Massage Therapy

Holistic Massage Combined With Relaxing Music Tracks 

Liverpool Swedish Massage

I have worked with many different holistic approaches and have developed my own style based on principles of universal compassion, meditation, mindfulness. My service aims to ensure that your rejuvenating experience is a massage to suit your time and your budget.

Holistic Relaxation Massage

Liverpool - Walton

Includes the following;

-Compassion and respect towards all my clients
-Relaxing home atmosphere
-Music to help you relax
-Positive creative energy from the massage
-Feeling Relaxed and Calm all day

Holistic Massage Combines Many of The Following Into The Therapy.

*Therapeutic Massage

*Shiatsu Japanese massage

* Therapeutic touch-therapeutic massage 

(Combines Shiatsu and Holistic Massage)

* Relaxation Therapy

* Holistic Oil Massage

*Indian Head Massage

*Reiki Touch Therapeutic Massage


 I generally have my own method of massage and combine elements of them all into the massage treatment. 

The massage can either be light - medium or hard pressure. Either on a Therapy table or lying down on a Padded service on the floor.

Benefits of massage

• The improvement of skin tone and colour and the removal of dead skin
• The improvement of circulation leading to a better delivery of nutrients
and oxygen to the cells in the body.
• The speeding up the digestive and waste removal process.
• It encourages better sleep.
• The promotion of relaxation.
• The encouragement of deeper and more efficient breathing.
• The encouragement of better lymph drainage and the reduction of water
retention and swelling.
• The reduction and relieving of muscle fatigue, stiffness and general
• The treatment of stiff and overworked joints.
• The stimulation/or sedation of the nervous system.
• To relax the body.
• The improvement of body image.
• The improvement of self-belief.
• Increasing energy levels.
• Improving the client’s sense of self-worth
• The improvement of self-esteem
• The sustained ability and mind

Fully Qualified and Insured Holistic Therapies H.I Dip