Liverpool Qi-Gong Classes

Liverpool Qi-Gong Classes For Health And Stress Relief

Combining the Yin & Yang Energies together

‘Qigong’ is based on the practice and study of Qigong (sometimes called Chi Kung) which is an easy to follow combination of controlled breathing, focussed concentration,and simple movements to remove blocks, increase flow of energy, and awaken your bodies natural healing ability. Qigong is the grandfather of Chinese medicine and things such as Tai-chi, Acupuncture and Reiki dating back over 5000 years and practiced by the Chinese elite.

“Practised by over One Hundred Million People Worldwide”

For thousands of years Qigong had been a closely guarded secret of the Chinese elite. Only in the recent half century has it become known to the Chinese people and now thankfully the rest of the world.

With Powerful Affirmations

Easy And Simple To Learn Mind & Body System

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Over 35 Years Experience Within Martial ARTS

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