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Liverpool Tai chi Classes

Liverpool Tai Chi And QiGong 

The Ultimate And Dynamic Tai Chi Class 
Fused Together With Qi-Gong

The Combination Of Both The Yin & Yang Energies together

Eastern & Western 

The Dynamic Combination Of Eastern Martial Art Techniques With Dynamic Modern Fitness Techniques

An excellent workout combining the ancient martial art of Tai Chi and Qi Gong with dynamic up to date fitness techniques creating something totally new and different from your normal gym classes

Like to learn Tai -Chi fused together with Qi Gong but haven’t the time to join regular classes?

Colin Hardman is now offering this system to his clients on an one2one situation for people who are too busy to join classes or who would rather learn on an one2one situation. This class is offered at my home address in the Walton area of Liverpool or I can travel locally to your location. 

This is a modern form of learning Tai Chi fused together with Qigong where you are able to leave the class and perform the movements anywhere after only a few lessons.

The training workout combines the ancient martial art of Tai Chi and Qigong with modern fitness techniques creating a powerful and dynamic new mind and body workout

It’s a choreographed and rhythmic and sequence of movements taken from many styles of Tai Chi and Qigong, which are then performed in a flowing motion.

Some of the Many Benefits…

As an exercise form, Tai Chi and Qigong benefits the entire mind and body:
• Increases muscle strength
• Enhances balance and flexibility
• Promotes vitality and inner health
• Cleanses the body of toxins
• Balances the emotions through breathing exercises
• Improves posture
• Releases stress, creates tranquillity and enhances personal creativity.
• Enhances the performance of the internal organs and immune system.
• It strengthens the mind and calms the emotions.

 This class takes the basic moves and simplifies it for the eager student to pick up very quickly. 

Tai Chi combined with Qi Gong helps to promote an excellent body and mind class. 

 This class takes the basic moves and simplifies it for the eager student to pick up very quickly.

Tai Chi is classed as the ’soft’ Martial Art utilizing the same techniques used in the more aggressive arts but applies them with flowing grace and control.

This class is an excellent stress buster class for everyone and any age.

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