About Me

My Name is Colin Hardman. I am Body and Mind fitness specialist and Exercise Professional with (Reps). I am also afuly qualified Martial Art Instructor within various systems

I have over 24 years teaching experience. I have taught in sport and community centres, and Liverpool Education schools. I also teach one2one clients  in the Walton area of Liverpool. With my Unique / insights into teaching methods I have changed the lives of many of my students and clients.

 I am also a fully qualified hypnotherapist. I trained with the B.E.S.T training institute and I hold a Master Diploma in Hypnotherapy. I am also a qualified Life coach, Personal fitness trainer, and NLP, CBT Practitioner and Stress Management consultant that I use within my therapies. Fully Insured and registered with the British Institute of Hypnotherapy and the Independent Professional Therapists International.

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